Should Curtains Match Or Contrast Walls? (Solved)

When looking for curtains to buy, a lot of considerations come into play such as the window size, functionality of the room, overall look of the room, and a lot more. One of the most common concerns is the color of the wall, and if the curtains should match or contrast the walls.

Before we start, check also whether bedding should contrast or match walls.

Generally, curtains should not match walls but they have to be in the same color family.

Here is why curtains should not have to match walls:

Curtains matching walls in the exact color can look dull. Plus, you risk flooding your room with the same color. This is why curtains should not have to match your walls. However, curtains should be in the same color family as your walls. This is to make sure that they look cohesive and balanced.

Is it Better to Match or Contrast Your Curtains to Wall Colors?

In general, it is better to match the curtains to your walls by making sure that they are both in the same color family.

This means that if you have walls in warm colors like red, orange, and yellow, you should have curtains in warm colors but different shades.

The same rule applies if you have walls in cool colors such as green or blue.

Light warm-colored walls go well with bright or bold warm colors. You can go for curtains in red, orange, or coral. Brown walls look good with lighter shades like a warm light yellow or a very light shade of orange.

The same concept applies to cool colors. A dark navy wall would go well with curtains in light silvery blue or gray curtains with a blue undertone. Dark green walls would look good with a light shade of green.

Neutral walls are easier to find curtains for because they basically go well with anything. Just make sure to check the undertone if you have neutral walls.

For example, you have a gray-painted wall.

Not all grays are the same, so check the undertone of your gray wall. Some have cool undertones and some have warm undertones.

If the undertone of your gray wall is blue, go for blue curtains.

It is not advisable to use curtains in contrasting colors to your walls. Curtains that contrast your walls in terms of color can create an overwhelming look.

Plus, they do not look stylish and classy and can end up looking tacky.

Should Curtains Match the Furniture?

Another consideration when buying curtains is the furniture. You would want your curtains to look good with the rest of the furniture in the room since curtains can make a big impact when it comes to interior design.

The first thing to do before buying curtains is to examine the room and check what its general style is.

This will help you choose the right curtains to match your existing home decor items.

Your room can have different themes, like traditional, modern, rustic, industrial, and so on. When you know what the style of your room is, it will be easier for you to choose curtains that will look good in them.

Generally, your curtains should be in the same color family as the biggest piece of furniture in the room. For living rooms, it is the couch. For bedrooms, it is the bed.

This rule applies, if you want colored curtains.

Unless you are going for curtains in neutral colors like white, gray, or black, always choose curtains that are in the same color family.

When decorating a room, it is ideal to use a combination of one neutral color and several base colors. You can choose white as your neutral color and use warm colors like red, orange, and yellow.

Then you can use these colors to pick out different items that you will place in your room.

When matching walls, curtains, and furniture, do not match all three of them as this can look overwhelming.

Just select which two you would like to match, and keep the other one neutral or toned down. So you can have a white wall, and have a red couch and red curtain.

Or you can have a yellow wall and a curtain in a darker shade of yellow, and then a brown couch.

Remember that the key is to balance everything out.

Should Curtains Match the Rugs?

Rugs are huge decor items that can also be taken into consideration when choosing curtains for your room.

Just like with other big items in the room, curtains should not have to match the rugs as this can look boring.

There are a few ways to go about coordinating curtains and rugs.

If your rug comes in a plain solid color, choose a curtain in the same color family. It should not be an exact color match, but they should have the same tones.

Ideally, one has to be lighter or darker than the other.

So if you have a dark-colored rug, go for curtains in the lighter shade of that color, and vice versa.

If your rug has a print or pattern, choose one color in the pattern and get a curtain in that color. This is to make sure that you have a cohesive look in your room.

If your rug comes in a neutral color like black or gray, then you can choose any color for your curtain as long as it looks coordinated with the rest of the room.

Should Curtains be Lighter or Darker than Your Walls?

When it comes to interior design, the key is to balance everything.

But there is no absolute rule that the curtains should be lighter or darker than your walls.

It really depends on what colors you are using and what look you want to achieve for the room.

Generally, if you have colored walls, your curtains can be lighter than your walls if the latter is painted dark. If your walls are painted with light colors, then your curtains can be in a darker color.

Take note that the curtains and walls should be in the same color family.

If you have white walls, anything can go with it.

You can use any color of curtains as long as it matches the rest of the room. You can also use dark colors like gray and black, as long as it fits the design scheme of the room.

White walls are basically blank canvasses that anything can look good on them as long as they are well-coordinated.

If you have dark-colored walls like black or dark gray, you can choose a lighter-colored curtain in the same color family to balance it out.

You can even use a white curtain since white looks good with anything.

Unless you are going for a blackout effect in the room, then you can use black curtains. This works well for home theaters or rooms that are made to be generally dark.

Do All Curtains Have to Match Each Other?

Houses have more than one window. One question that often comes to mind regarding this is if all curtains have to match each other.

In general, curtains in one room should have to match each other if the windows are all of the same sizes.

You would always want a cohesive look in your rooms so matching curtains are a must.

When matching curtains for same-size windows, it is best to use the exact same curtain throughout.

If you have several windows and one accent window, then you can have different curtains on the accent window but make sure that the curtains for the other windows are matching.

This is to emphasize the focus on the accent window.

If you will be using different curtains for different-sized windows, make sure that the curtains match in terms of color, material, or texture.

You can be a bit adventurous and use different colors as long as these colors go well with the rest of your room and fall within your room’s color palette.

When decorating a room, the colors of walls, curtains, furniture, and rugs matter, as these are large items that tend to draw focus on the eyes.This is why it is important to keep things balanced and make sure these items are well-coordinated.


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