Should Curtains Be Lighter Or Darker Than The Carpet? (Solved)

When decorating a room, a lot of thought is put into whether the items or furniture match. A beautifully decorated space needs to have everything well-coordinated, with the elements balancing each other out.

Adding curtains is one of the simplest and quickest ways to transform a space. Curtains can instantly make your space look better. Plus, they are easy to install.

One thing to consider when choosing curtains is the color. Generally, curtains can be lighter or darker than the carpet.

Here is how to choose the curtains based on the carpet:

If you have a dark carpet or one with bold prints, get curtains in a light complementing color. If you have a light carpet or one with subtle prints, then you can get curtains in a darker color or bolder prints. The key is to balance the two so they do not look overwhelming.

How Important Is Matching Curtains To Carpets In Interior Design?

In interior design, curtains do not have to perfectly match the carpets in terms of color and even print. In fact, that is not recommended because matching the two would make it look dull and can even be overwhelming.

You do not want to flood your room with the same color.

Curtains and carpets go hand in hand in interior design.

These two are large decor items that tend to draw the eye so you should put a lot of thought into choosing them. In general, curtains and carpets should not have to match but they should be well-coordinated.

Should The Curtains Match Your Carpet Colors?

When it comes to decorating a room, one common question that comes up is if the curtains should match the colors of the carpet.

This simple answer is no. Matching the curtains to the exact color of the carpet is not a good idea. It will look forced, and it will look boring.

You also risk flooding the room with the same color.

So what can you do then?
There are a few ways to coordinate your curtains and carpet.

Carpets or area rugs and curtains come in so many different colors, and it can be quite overwhelming to choose. But there are some guidelines that you can follow.

When decorating with carpets and curtains, do not try to match colors precisely.

If you have a printed carpet, you can take one or two colors from its design and choose curtains in those colors.

Then you can use the same colors for other decor elements like throw pillows or even accent rugs.

If your carpet is in a dark color, use curtains in the same hue but in a lighter shade.

This will instantly brighten up your space and create an illusion of a bigger room.

You can also use neutral colors for your curtains as neutrals go well with everything. You can never go wrong with white curtains or light-colored ones.

Should the Curtains Match your Carpet Patterns?

Carpets with patterns look interesting and they can add more life to your room. However, some people are afraid to incorporate patterns into their interiors as there is a notion that they can be difficult to match.

The key is to balance everything out.

If you have a carpet with bold patterns, take one or two colors from its pattern and use those colors for the curtains.

For example, if you have a printed carpet with blue, green, and pink, you can choose a curtain in a light blue shade to go with it.

This way, the carpet, and the curtains would look cohesive without them matching.

If you want to be more eclectic with your decor, you can go for printed curtains with your printed carpet. However, one should be more subtle than the other and they have to have one color unifying them.

Print on print can be daunting and intimidating and can look tacky, but there are ways to do it tastefully.

For example, if you have a boldly printed carpet, you can have a printed curtain in the same hue but in a lighter shade.

The prints do not have to be the same, as long as the print of the curtain is more muted and subtle than the print of the carpet.

This is to give your space more dimension.

So if you have a large-scale pattern on your carpet, choose a curtain with a smaller-scale print. Or vice versa.

Also, do not forget to break up prints. If you have a printed carpet and printed curtains, avoid using printed pillowcases for your throw pillows.

Go for solid-colored ones to break up the prints and to avoid overwhelming your room.

Should The Curtains Match Your Furniture?

Your furniture is the main item of a room. So using your furniture as a basis for the color of your curtains is also important.

In general, curtains do not have to match your furniture. They do not have to be in the exact same color, but they have to be well-coordinated.

Since the furniture is the biggest item in your room, you have to draw the eyes to them by making sure the curtains complement them.

The furniture should be the main focal point in your room.

Dark-colored furniture can look good with light-colored curtains in the same hue. Or you can stick to light neutrals that go well with anything.

Since dark-colored furniture can make your room feel cramped and stuffy, light-colored curtains will make your room feel bigger.

If you have light-colored furniture, then you can choose dark-colored curtains in the same hue. This is to add a cozier vibe to the room and to balance out all the light colors.

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Should The Curtains Match Your Walls?

Another common question in interior design is if curtains should match the walls. Typically, having curtains in the same color as your walls is a bad idea.

Curtains are window coverings that also act as a decor items.

They can add style to a room. Curtains should stand out from the walls, instead of blending in.

Hanging curtains that are the same color as your wall would just look dull.

Can Darker Curtains Make A Room Look Smaller?

Curtains can make an impact on how big or small the room looks. In general, dark curtains can make a room smaller.

Dark curtains are great when you have a massive space and you want to maximize it without overstuffing the room with furniture.

If you have a big living room, hanging dark curtains would instantly make it look smaller and feel cozier without having to add more furniture to the room.

Dark curtains are great for when you want to fill the space without actually putting items in it, so it does not look messy or cluttered.

For a cozier feel, you can also layer dark curtains and drapes or choose ones in dark prints.

The heavier the patterns are, the smaller your room will look.

Can Lighter Curtains Make A Room Look Bigger?

Meanwhile, light curtains can make a room look bigger.

If you have a small space, hanging light curtains can instantly make the room look bigger and more spacious.

Light-colored curtains allow natural light in and also provide an airy feel to a room.

Light curtains also give a good contrast especially when you have dark-colored furniture in your room. The light colors would balance the dark colors out.

When choosing light curtains, go for sheer ones.

They are the best light curtains for making a room look bigger. If you want printed curtains, go for ones with subtle prints.

There is no absolute rule that the curtains should be lighter or darker than the carpet.

The secret is to have a color palette that works as a whole and balances everything out.


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