Do Command Hooks Work For Curtains? (Solved)

If you’re looking for a way to hang a curtain rod without making holes or using power tools, Command Hooks are a perfect choice.

These hooks use adhesive strips that are built to last without leaving a trace on your wall whenever you want to take them down. 

Do Command Hooks Work For Curtains?

Command Hooks work well for hanging curtains. For best results, use large Command Hooks, a curtain rod less than an inch in diameter, and a set of heavy-duty picture hanging strips to increase the maximum weight your hooks can handle. 

What Command Hooks Should You Use for Curtains?

Command Hooks come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and finishes. When looking through all your options, you will want to choose large Command Hooks for hanging your curtains and curtain rod. 

When you are choosing your hooks, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Larger hooks generally support more weight and will be able to fit a wider range of curtain rods. You might also have a certain finish in mind to match the decor of the room. 

To get an idea of available options, you can start with these Command Large Forever Classic Metal Hook available on Amazon. You can buy these attractive, brushed nickel hooks as a pair.

They will fit a curtain rod with a diameter of less than an inch. 

For a similar size but different finish, you can check out another version of the Command Large Forever Classic Metal Hook on Amazon.

This model has an oil-rubbed bronze finish instead of brushed nickel. 

You can keep shopping to find Satin Nickel, White, and Clear hooks as well. 

How Do You Hang Curtains with Command Hooks?

Hanging curtains with Command Hooks is an easy process you can do by yourself.

However, before you get started, you might want to make one additional purchase. 

Each hook will come with an adhesive strip in the packaging. For large Command Hooks, this strip should support around 5 pounds of weight. 

However, depending on your curtains and curtain rod, you might want your hooks to support a little bit more weight. 

Use Picture Hanging Command Strips

Instead of using the strip that comes with the hook, you can purchase a pack of heavy-duty Command Strips designed for picture hanging. 

These strips are designed to carry more weight.

They should be able to support up to 16 pounds when installed properly. Since they are made by the same company, they will fit your hook easily. You just swap out the strip that comes with the hook for one of these stronger strips. 

The longer and heavier your curtains, the more necessary it is for you to support your Command Hooks.

If you are only hanging short, lightweight curtains, this additional purchase might not be so important for you and your project. 

If you like to shop on Amazon, you can purchase these Command Large Picture Hanging Strips to get the job done. 

Mounting the Hooks

Before you mount the Command Hooks, you will want to know exactly where to put them. To determine where each hook should go, consider how you want your curtains to hang. 

Some people like to hang their curtain rod several inches above the window frame.

This can help a room feel longer and more spacious since it gives the curtain more space to hang. 

Remember to think about how the rod will rest in the hooks to help you decide the best positioning. You can choose any position you like and think will best suit your room. 

When you’re ready, you will want to clean the area you want to place the hook.

Your Command Hook will respond best to a dry, clean wall. You can use isopropyl alcohol to wipe the surface.

Allow it to dry completely before continuing. 

Mark First

Next, lightly mark your wall with a pencil, carefully measuring where each hook will go.

Double-check your work as you measure and mark since this will be the key to an even curtain rod. 

Now, it’s time to take the Command Hook and peel off the back sticker. Evenly place your Command Hook in the desired spot on the wall. Hold it there for at least ten seconds, applying strong, even pressure to the hook. 

After the initial application, you can slide the hook off so just the command strip is on the wall. You can use your fingers to apply additional pressure to the strip.

Once you feel it is well-adhered to the wall, you can slide the hook back on the strip. 

Get it Right the First time

It’s best if you can get everything right on the first try.

It’s possible to make an error and reposition your Command Hook, but you will have the best results if you get it right on the first attempt.

The adhesive will perform best if you don’t have to adjust it after the initial application. 

Once you have both hooks in place, give them a few hours to settle. Giving them this time will allow them to be at their full strength and performance when you finally hang your curtains. 

After this period has passed, it’s time to feed your curtain through the rod and place each end of the rod in the pair of hooks. 

Choose a Compatible Curtain Rod

Remember to get a curtain rod that is small enough in diameter to comfortably sit in the hook you have chosen. Sometimes large, decorative rods are too wide and cannot sit easily in the Command Hook. 

For most large Command Hooks, you will need a curtain rod with a diameter that measures less than an inch.

The slimmer the rod, the more certain you can be that it will comfortably fit in the hook you have chosen. 

Are Command Hooks Better for the Walls?

If you are renting an apartment, living in a dorm, or staying as a long-term guest somewhere, Command Hooks can be perfect for your situation.

Command Hooks let you hang things from the wall without drilling holes and causing damage your landlord might frown upon. 

If you start using hammers, nails, and drills, you run the risk of breaking rules or losing your security deposit.

Luckily, Command Hooks give you a great option to keep your walls perfectly intact while decorating like it’s your own home. 

When it comes time to move out of your apartment or dorm, you can easily remove the Command Hooks without leaving a trace behind.

When Command Hooks are removed properly, they won’t leave any residue or marks behind on the wall. 

Even if you own your own home, you still might want to choose Command Hooks to minimize the number of holes you are drilling into your walls. Holes will be permanent unless you choose to fill them in and paint them over at a later date.

Command Hooks allow you to decorate without the risk of making any permanent marks.

Are Hooks More Durable than Drilling into the Wall?

When used correctly, there is no issue with durability when using Command Hooks. Your hooks can last for years without losing their grip.

They are designed to work for the life of your hanging needs, not only as a temporary or short-term solution. 

If you want to maximize the life and durability of your Command Hooks, make sure you are using them on the right kind of surface.

You want to use a completely dry, clean wall when mounting your hooks. 

If you have recently painted or cleaned the wall, be sure to wait until the surface is 100%, completely dry before installing.

The Command Hook Brand officially suggests waiting 7 days after painting before installing your hooks. 

Weight Limitations

If you choose to drill into the wall to mount your curtain rod, you won’t have the same weight limitations you can face with Command Hooks.

While you can support your Command Hook to hold up to 16 pounds with picture hanging strips, the Command Hooks themselves are only designed for 5 pounds of weight. 

If you are drilling into the wall to mount your curtain rod, you have more control over how much weight it will bear.

A typical curtain rod can easily carry upwards of 20 pounds. This will be too much for Command Hooks but can be supported with screws drilled into the wall. 

If weight is important to you, you might find that drilling is a more secure and durable option.

If you push the weight limit of your Command Hooks, you will compromise their durability. 

Should You Paint the Command Hooks to Match the Wall?

For best results, you should leave your Command Hooks in the finish that you purchased them in. 

The company manufactures several different finishes to compliment your home decor.

You can choose from:

  • Satin Nickel,
  • Brushed Nickel,
  • Oil Rubbed Bronze,
  • Clear and White. 

You can also coordinate the finish of your Command Hooks with your curtain rod.

It isn’t recommended to paint your Command Hooks.

The hooks already have a finish that other paint might struggle to stick to effectively. Even if you can apply a coat of paint, it might flake or peel off over time. 

For a long, durable life, it is best if you use the original finish that your Command Hook comes with. 

Final Thoughts

Command Hooks are a great way to hang curtains without using power tools or making holes in your wall.

They’re an excellent choice for anyone, no matter if you’re a homeowner or a renter thinking about a security deposit. 

Choose large Command Hooks with a slim curtain rod to get the job done. Remember to purchase some heavy-duty picture hanging strips to hang up to 16 pounds of curtains from your hooks. 


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