Can You Place Rugs On Carpets? (Solved!)

As your home’s foundation, your flooring is a fundamental piece of the home decoration puzzle.

Rugs are one of the best accessory elements amplifying the aesthetics of your floor. They add to the original light and layout of the room by complementing palettes and prints.

Just like how rugs can enhance the visual appeal of your floor, they can also break the overall harmony if put somewhere unfitting.

Here’s The Short Answer To Whether You Can Place Rugs On Carpets:

You can place rugs on carpets as long as the rug’s color, texture, size, and shape blend with the carpet. Rugs work in perfect harmony with carpets when they are stacked and styled in the right area. However, rugs may not be your best option on any plush and fluffy carpet.

Do People Place Rugs On Carpets?

Though rugs on carpets may seem like a peculiar design decision, people do place rugs on carpets.

There is a wide range of reasons for rugs on carpets, including setting an acoustic mood and adding practical functionality.

Someone living in rented spaces and in buildings that require carpets for noise-reduction features or otherwise unable to change worn and damaged carpets can use rugs to refresh the charm of the original layout of the floor and wall.

Some also choose to anchor rugs to reinvent their homes with a touch of personal and luxurious style due to the ease of addition without completely rearranging other components.

People living in colder areas also use rugs on top of carpets to give supplementary thermal support.

Can You Put A Rug On A Carpet In A Bedroom?

Area rugs can be installed anywhere you deem best, including the bedroom.

If you’re using area rugs as a decorative item, you would want it to be firm without constant buckling and wrinkling to not turn into a tripping hazard.

Typically, bedrooms have nylon, olefin, polyester, and wool carpets. These carpets are considered low and looped piles with short fibers that feel flat. Rich shag rugs atop this composition allow the look of a comfortable yet elegant aura, perfect for the feel of a bedroom.

However, rugs may not be your best option if your bedroom’s carpet is frieze or any other plush and fluffy carpet. Long-pile carpets like frieze cannot give area rugs the grip it needs to stay in place.

It is also important to note your room’s furniture, colorway, and pattern. The style, shape, size, and placement of the rugs in your bedroom must be scaled according to these adjacent details.

Can You Put A Cowhide Rug On A Carpet?

Cowhide rugs are long-lasting and durable statement pieces in home decor. They are exquisite on wooden floors, along with another floor covering such as a natural fiber rug, and of course, on a carpet.

They are tough and versatile, making them a perfect candidate for rugs in any room with carpeted floors. They can withstand heavy tables in the dining room, accentuate bold angles inside the office, and provide warmth in the bedroom.

Cowhide rugs are also not exclusive to staying on the ground.

Suppose you have strong, steady carpeted walls for sound insulation or ornamental purposes. In that case, you can also mount cowhide rugs on the walls to luxuriate your space and draw more attention to a specific spot.

Because cowhide rugs are eye-catching and non-slippery on their own, they are best placed atop plain carpet where they are the focal point.

Can You Put A Jute Rug On A Carpet?

Jute rugs are characterized by their thick and woven natural plant fibers, making them hypoallergenic and safe for children and pets. Due to its softness and neutral tone can be placed on a carpet with various patterns and themes.

They are accessible for carpet tiles with bold colors and assorted patterns. They can also easily bring calmness to what may seem like a bustling space.

Jute rugs are resilient to withstand high traffic areas such as lobbies, living rooms, and hallways. They can also assist your carpet in protecting your flooring from furniture depression or abrasion.

However, it is advisable to avoid placing jute rugs on carpeted areas that usually get moistened by water or other fluids. Due to their absorbent, biodegradable materials, jute rugs rapidly break down and decompose after frequent contact with water.

Can You Put A Ruggable Rug On A Carpet?

Compared to cowhide rugs and jute rugs, ruggable rugs are thinner rugs made of polyester with a water-resistant barrier. The latex-free synthetic material is washable, lightweight, and can lay effortlessly on a carpet.

Ruggable rugs are good for humid seasons where you do not want to use rugs that provide extra heat.

The feel of these rugs is almost similar to a breathable picnic blanket. It dries liquid spillage quickly and can be washed by hand. It has a velcro-like rug pad that can make the rug stay in place.

The soft fabric gives sitting on the floor comfort, but it doesn’t offer the same durability and extra width that cowhide and jute rugs give. The edges can get thinner and more brittle if a heavy object is lying on top of it, therefore not providing any shield to your carpet.

Can You Put A Persian Rug On A Carpet?

Persian rugs are perfect to put an extra flair on a thin, plain carpet if you want to add cultural items to your home decor. They are renowned for their dynamic design and lavish colors with a more artistic pursuit.

Persian rugs are hand-woven with natural vegetable dye, silk, and wool for six months. The time spent crafting these rugs and the manpower exerted makes them expensive, but they can endure any architectural mishaps without breaking up.

More than protection, they have the functionality to replace a spoiled carpet with its 100-year durability.

Persian rugs are also tolerant of high traffic zones like cowhide rugs and jute rugs. They can be put in carpeted receiving areas and living rooms.

To prevent any quality compensation, it is best to avoid putting a Persian rug on the carpeted floor that often gets hit by the sunlight.

Can A Rug Damage The Carpet Underneath?

Though the rug produces friction with the carpet, it does not cause any damage to the carpet underneath.

The rug’s underside is smooth enough not to cause any harm to the carpet’s fabric. As long as you have the right rug for your carpet and it is carefully situated under its partnered furniture or with a non-skid device, no decorations on your flooring, nor your carpet, will get damaged.

Contrary to damaging, rugs can provide an extra layer of defense to dirt, spillage, and furniture depression.


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