Can You Change Your Address For Free? (Explained)

When you move, it’s important to update your documents and make sure that you change your home address.

Luckily, while many things about moving are complex and expensive, changing your address is simple and basically free.

Change Your Address For Free:

You have to fill out a form with the United States Postal Service to change your address. You can do this online for $1.10 or at a post office for free. After you move, they will forward your mail. Additionally, you will need to update your driver’s license or ID card to your new address.

Where Do You Go to Change your Home Address?

You can go to the United States Postal Service’s website or a post office.

You’ll need to fill out a PS Form 3575, which you can find in what’s known as the Mover’s Guide, regardless of whether you fill out the forms online or go into the postal office.

This Mover’s Guide includes the PS Form 3575, instructions for completing it in its entirety, and an offering of coupons for moving-related services.

However, if you are moving to an international address, you will need to go to the post office physically. The online form is not set up for international address changes.

Although your change of address may take effect in as little as three business days, the United States Postal Service generally recommends that you submit your change of address form two weeks before you move.

You’ll be able to put the date of your move on the form and start your mail forwarding on that date.

Do You Have to Pay to Change your Home Address?

If you go into a United States Postal Service office and fill out the PS Form 3575, it’s free.

If you fill out the online form for security purposes and identity verification, the United States Postal Service will charge you a $1.10 identity validation fee.

How Much Does It Cost To Update Your Address?

The most that you should pay is $1.10. Some third-party sites will charge you $40 or more fees, but you should not pay these.

If you do, the United States Postal Service will not be able to help you with any refund or issues that you have with that third-party site.

Can I Update my Home Address Online?

Yes, assuming that you’re not moving to an international address.

You can make any move from a US address to another US address online as long as you have a credit or debit card.

Does My Home Address Have to Match my Driver’s License?

After you move, you should get your driver’s license updated to match your new address.

If you’ve moved within the state that issued your driver’s license, you may be able to fill out an online form. If you’ve moved to a new state, you’ll need to follow the guidelines provided by the DMV in your new state.

However, students in college frequently move to different states or addresses. They don’t have to change their licenses if they list their home address as their permanent address with their school or university.

You also don’t have to change your driver’s license if you select a temporary change of address form. This will allow you to get all of your mail sent to your temporary address.

However, if you know you will only be there for a short time, you don’t have to change your driver’s license only to change it back again.

Do I Have to Verify My Identity to Change My Home Address?

If you pay online, that’s what the $1.10 validation fee is for.

You have to pay with a debit or credit card, and the United States Postal Service will verify your card’s information with the bank associated with the card.

If you go into the office, you’ll show your driver’s license.

Does My Home Address Have to Match the Address On My Passport?

If you have a current US passport, there isn’t an address printed on the document.

A passport lasts for 10 years, so there is an assumption that you may move in that time.

However, there is a space on the second page for a person to write in their home and foreign address. If you choose to fill this in, don’t worry if your address changes later.

Will I Receive Confirmation of My Change of Address?

Yes. Once your change of address form has been processed, you will receive a Move Validation Letter from the United States Postal Service.

The envelope says an official Move Validation Letter, so you can’t miss it!

If you get a Move Validation Letter and you haven’t filed a change of address form with the United States Postal Service, you should use the information in the letter to file a dispute online since this could be evidence of fraud.

If you register and pay online, you’ll also get an email confirmation to the email address. This doesn’t take the place of paper forms, and you’ll still receive them in the mail.

You’ll also receive a Customer Notification Letter to your new address, and you may also receive a welcome kit.

How Does Moving Internationally Work?

It depends on which direction you’re going.

If you’re moving from the United States to a different country, you’ll need to go into a post office and fill out the forms.

If you’re moving from a different country back to the United States, you’ll need to go to the postal agency in the country you’re leaving to find out their protocols.

Can I Cancel My Change of Address Form?

Sometimes life doesn’t work out quite as we planned, and if you end up not changing your address or need to change to a different address than the one on your form, you can go to the Manage My Move website provided by the United States Postal Service.

Through this website, you can delete or modify your change of address which you previously submitted. You will need your confirmation and the email that you used to register.

If you don’t have that code, you can still go in-person to a post office and make the changes with the postal clerk.


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