Can You Bring A Rug On An Airplane? (Solved)

Buying a rug abroad is not as uncommon as you think. 

Many countries in the East produce good-quality rugs with unique designs. Iran, India, Turkey, China, and Morocco are among the top countries known for fine rugs of very good quality.

A lot of people prefer to buy them abroad:

Here is How you Can Bring a Rug on an Airplane:

For smaller rugs that you can roll and fit in a compartment, you can include them as part of your carry-on luggage. Larger rugs must be considered “checked baggage” stored in the hold of the plane below. Make sure that you have the proper paperwork for your imported rug.

Is it Generally Legal to Bring a Rug on an Airplane?

You would be surprised to know that antiques, artifacts, home decor, and art are all legal to bring on an airplane.

Depending on the size and the airline company, you may or may not be allowed to keep it close to you. For really bulky rugs, the best that you can do is wrap them securely and have them checked in. Make sure to label it as valuable so that airline staff will handle them with care.

If you are buying rugs in bulk to resell them, make sure to carry documentation such as receipts or export permits. Some countries have laws regarding selling imported goods.

If you bring a rug on a flight, it is important to pack them securely. Here is how to do it:

  1. Rolling is the best pack for a rug, as it works for rugs of any size, quality, and material. Make sure to roll your rug from the fringed ends and not from the side binding.
  2. When rolling your rug, make sure to do it on the shorter side to fit better, given the luggage limitations.
  3. Always roll against the grain. This will ensure that no wrinkles or crushing will occur.
  4. Also, make sure to roll the rug with back out so that you can protect the rug from abrasions or damages.
  5. Use a heavy-duty twine or rope to tie the rug. Twine is the best material to tie rugs with because it would not put too much pressure on the rug while keeping it securely bound.
  6. Wrap the rug in canvas or a large piece of cloth, and secure with a rope. Secure it even more with tape, if needed. This will add an extra layer of protection to the rug.
  7. And of course, don’t forget to label it with a sticker that says “fragile” or anything that would indicate that it is a valuable item so it will be handled with care.

Do People Bring Rugs Home from Vacations?

When traveling to other countries, bringing home rugs from vacations is not uncommon. 

Rugs from exciting countries come in intricate designs and delicate fabrics that scream “luxury.” They are good souvenirs that double as home decor.

Many people who like to collect things from abroad tend to bring home rugs and other big items that they can use as home decor. There is a great way of sprucing up your home while showing off your personality and reminding yourself of your travel experiences.

How Much Does it Cost to Bring a Rug on an Airplane?

There will be no extra cost if you bring your rug on an airplane as part of your carry-on luggage. 

There would also be no extra cost if you have prepaid checked-in baggage and bring the rug as part of the checked-in baggage.

The baggage fees depend on the airline company. On average, if your rug fits in your checked bag and does not exceed the 50 lbs allowance, it would cost roughly $150 to $300 to check it in.

However, if the rug does not fit in your bag, it will be a separate checked item on its own.

The fees mentioned above are for international flights, assuming that one would be buying a rug from another country. For domestic flights, the fees, of course, would be cheaper.

What is the BIGGEST Rug you Can Bring on an Airplane?

In general, the biggest size for checked luggage on an airplane is 60in or 158cm in length, and the maximum weight is 70lb or 32kg. 

So as long as the rugs fit the allowed dimension and are within the maximum weight, you can bring them on an airplane.

Do you Need to Advise the Airline Beforehand?

If you will be bringing a rug on an airplane, there is no need to advise the airline in advance. This is because they will be treated the same as you would ordinary luggage, given the fit the maximum size and weight allowed.

However, it is always best to bring receipts or any other documentation like permits, as some policies regarding imported goods.

Will the Rug be Insured During the Flight?

Whether the rug will be insured during a flight depends on the insurance coverage of your flight.

For most flight insurance plans, the coverage is for unexpected events related to your air travel. The insurance policy covers flight delays or interruptions, trip cancellations, and lost, damaged, or stolen luggage. So that being said, the flight insurance can cover your rug since it will be part of your luggage.

However, flight insurance has limited coverage, with the maximum being around $1,000. So depending on how much your rug cost, it may or may not be covered.

If your rug is particularly expensive and the cost exceeds flight insurance coverage, it would be advisable to purchase additional insurance for your travel from a third-party company.

Can you Ship a Rug from the Airport in Case the Airline Refuses?

There are cases when the airline would refuse to let the rug in. 

This is when the rug exceeds the maximum allowed size and weight for luggage. In this care, you can opt to ship your rug. 

The shipping cost varies depending on the size and weight of the rug, and of course, the distance that it will be traveling. It would also depend on the rug’s value, as you are required to declare the value of the items that you will be shipping.

Rug shipping prices can start at $350 for economy service where you pack it yourself and have it picked up by the shipping company, and it can start at $650 if your rug would be handled and packed professionally.

Some shipping companies may have specific instructions for packing rugs for shipping, so it is always best to check with them first on how you need to pack it. 

It is perfectly fine to bring a rug with you on a plane or have it shipped. Just remember to unroll it as soon as possible when you arrive, so it flattens immediately and retains its shape.


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