Can Cowhide Rugs Be Used Outdoors? (Explained And Solved)

A cowhide rug is cow skin and hair cured using either a chrome tanning method or a vegetable tanning process.

The result of these processes is a soft yet durable rug. Sometimes they are dyed to create unique prints.

Cowhide rugs are durable; however, they are not recommended for outdoor use.

Here is Why Cowhide Rugs are Not Recommended to be Used Outdoors:

Cowhide rugs are durable but are not good for outdoor use because they cannot withstand the elements. Cowhide rugs do not do well under the rain because they tend to lose shape when they get wet. Don’t put them somewhere sunny because the direct sunlight can shrink them or bleach the color.

Do People Generally Use Cowhide Rugs Outdoors?

Since cowhide rugs do not do well in different weather conditions, people do not generally use them outdoors. Cowhide rugs are better off indoors.

Can Cowhide Rugs Withstand Rain and Moist?

Cowhide rugs cannot withstand rain and moisture like other natural material rugs.

Getting a cowhide rug soaked in water will cause it to lose its shape. Worst case scenario is that your cowhide rug might end up getting severely damaged because of the water.

Moisture will also damage a cowhide rug, causing mold growth, potentially a health hazard.

Can Cowhide Rugs be Used on WOODEN Decks?

Placing your cowhide rug on a wooden deck or wooden surface would not cause any harm to it.

Cowhide rugs do well on wooden surfaces as the surfaces offer a lot of control to prevent the rug from sliding. The rug would also not scratch the wooden surface.

Can Cowhide Rugs be Used on TREX Decks?

Cowhide rugs can also be used on TREX decks or composite decking, as it does not slide, nor can they scratch the decking.

However, it would be best to put a self-adhesive foam rug under the rug for better placement to prevent it from slipping completely, also protecting the rug and the decking.

Do You Have to Treat Cowhide Rugs for Outdoor Use?

As previously mentioned, cowhide rugs are not recommended to be used outdoors.

However, if you want to use it outdoors, you can treat it. Treating it with a fabric protector spray can help the cowhide rug repel liquid spills. It will help minimize any damage if exposed to water or moisture.

However, the fabric spray does not provide any protection from the sun, so it would be best to place it in an outdoor area with enough shade to avoid any damage caused by exposing it to direct sunlight.

It would be best to prevent exposing your cowhide rug to any extreme weather. So if there is a forecast of rain, store your rug indoors temporarily.

If you place your cowhide rugs in an outdoor area and get soaked in the rain, all you need to do is hang them to air dry. You can hang it over a fence with the back facing out. It normally takes one to two days for it to dry completely.

How Long Do Cowhide Rugs Last Outdoor?

When properly cared for, cowhide rugs can last for many years. However, placing it in an area where it can get soaked in water may damage it, shortening its life span.

Placing a cowhide rug outdoors can last for only a few years, and that is without any harsh weather conditions.

Cowhide rugs, just like other natural material rugs, do not do well outdoors compared to synthetic rugs.

Rugs made from synthetic materials are built to last outdoors, so they can be placed in any outdoor area and have a life span of five to ten years.

What Rugs Are Recommended for Outdoor Use?

For outdoor use, it is always best to use synthetic material rugs.

These rugs are made to be used in outdoor spaces and are very durable even when exposed to harsh weather elements.

Polyester Rugs:

Polyester rugs are very resilient and durable.

Polyester fibers are flexible and lightweight and can easily repel water, making them quite simple to clean if liquid gets spilled on them. They are also very soft, so they feel good underfoot.

The downside to polyester rugs is that they are known to shed a lot and have fiber pulls, making them wear out fast.

Nylon Rugs:

Nylon rugs are one of the most resilient and durable rugs out there, and they are great for outdoor use.

Nylon rugs are non-absorbent which means that stains do not dig deep into the fibers. They are also easy to clean. Nylon fibers are elastic, which means nylon rugs can retain their shape even in high-traffic areas.

Cost-wise, nylon rugs are more expensive compared to other synthetic rugs.

Polypropylene Rugs:

Polypropylene rugs are probably the best rugs to use in outdoor spaces. These rugs are lightweight, yet they are very durable. They do well in any extreme weather condition.

They are more durable compared to polyester rugs, and they last longer. Plus, they rarely shed. They are also less expensive than nylon rugs and easier to clean and maintain.

We can conclude that cowhide rugs are not recommended for outdoor use with all this information. They are best to be placed indoors, in a cozy room as an area rug or an accent rug.

They are durable enough for areas with high traffic, as long as you keep them indoors.

Authentic cowhide rugs can be quite expensive, so you would want them to last very long by protecting them from elements that can damage them and giving them proper care and maintenance.


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