Can Area Rugs Ruin Carpets? (Explained)

Many homes have wall-to-wall carpeted floors Carpets help give warmth to a room, especially in colder climates, thus providing thermal insulation.

Area rugs are typically a good idea for any room, even with carpeted floors, but they can potentially ruin the carpets.

Here’s how Area Rugs can Ruin Carpets:

One of the few ways that an area rug can ruin a carpet is if the dye of the rug bleeds out and ends up staining the carpet. Additionally, you would notice uneven fading on the carpet over time. The part that is being covered by the rug tends to be darker.

Should You Avoid Placing Area Rugs On Carpets?

Rugs can look great, and they work well with carpeted floors.

Rugs are the easiest and most versatile ways to decorate a room. Adding a rug can breathe new life into an otherwise boring space.

Plus, they are very functional. Area rugs are a great way to define a room area, especially in an open floor plan.

They can protect your carpet, especially if the latter tends to be thin. They add warmth to a room, and they add cushioning underfoot.

Rugs are also renter-friendly solutions for decorating or making over a house. Many landlords would not allow you to repaint a room or make any permanent changes.

So if you want to give your rented house an interior makeover, placing area rugs is a practical way.

If you are renting the house and it has carpeted floors that are worn out or have stains on them, area rugs are a great solution to cover up the worn-out parts of your floor.

So you should not avoid placing area rugs on carpets. It would be best to make sure that the rug you will be placing works well with the existing carpet.

Any Long-Term Effects Of Placing Area Rugs On Carpets?

Generally, placing area rugs on carpets will not have long-term effects that can damage the carpet.

Placing area rugs can even prevent the carpet from wearing out faster.

However, placing an area rug on a carpeted floor might cause uneven fading. Carpets tend to fade over time.

If you have an area rug placed on your carpet, you will notice that the area covered by the rug is darker.

Other than this, area rugs typically do not have long-term effects on carpets as long as you give both the right care and attention. This means keeping them clean and free from moisture through regular maintenance.

It also means cleaning stains right away as they happen.

5 Important Tips For Placing Area Rugs On Carpets:

Placing area rugs on carpets can be a good idea as it does have several advantages.

If you want to add an area rug to your carpeted floors, here are some important tips to take note of:

Think About Placement:

When it comes to adding rugs, placement is always important.

When they get wet or moist, area rugs and carpets are breeding grounds for bacteria and mold.

So if you have wall-to-wall carpeted floors all over your house, choose rooms or areas that are not prone to moisture or liquid spills.

Avoid places like the kitchen, dining room, and areas near the bathroom. Choose areas like the living room and the bedroom.

These areas do not get a lot of moisture, and they tend to have better ventilation than other areas of the house.

Choose Similar Textures:

While there is no absolute rule in layering area rugs over carpets, some recommendations are to consider.

That is, it is always good to use different textures.

In general, area rugs work better on carpets with a short pile. For these carpets, thicker rugs or shag rugs will work very well. These types of area rugs would add warmth and softness to your room.

If your carpet has a long pile or is plusher, go for flat-weave rugs. Thick rugs will not work on plush carpets.

This is because these carpets would not provide enough support for area rugs. The area rug will tend to shift and wrinkle when placed over carpets with long piles.

Choose the Right Size:

This tip goes for all types of surfaces. When choosing an area rug, go for one that fits your room well in terms of size.

A small rug in a big room looks out of place and can be an eyesore. Also, you do not want an area rug covering nearly the entire carpet because it will render your carpet useless.

You would want an area rug in a size that would cover the room area you want to define. This includes the area where furniture is placed.

So when buying an area rug, make sure to take the measurements of the room, so you are sure to get one in the right size.

Make Sure they Compliment Each Other:

When buying an area rug to place on your carpeted floor, make sure that it comes in a color that complements the color of your carpet.

It does not have to be in the same color. Carpets in neutral colors are easier to style.

For example, if you have a gray carpet, you can choose any color and design of the rug. You can choose a black and white rug to maintain the minimalist vibe. But you can also choose a rug in vibrant hues to add a pop of color to your room.

Another example is if you have a blue carpeted floor, you can place a rug that complements it. You can take a printed rug in yellow and blue, and it would work well with the carpet.

Alternatively, you can place an area rug in light gray or white.

Secure Your Rug:

One of the downsides of placing area rugs on carpets is that it tends to shift, slide, or get bunched up.

It can be tedious to put the rug back in place every day. Good thing the solution to this is pretty simple. Just secure the rug.

You can use double-sided rug tape and place it on the edges and corners of the rug. This will help keep the rug in place without damaging your carpet.

However, this is a one-time solution because the tape will lose its adhesion once you remove your rug to clean it. Then you would need to add new strips of tape when you put the rug back in place.

You can also use a non-slip rug pad. Place it underneath your area rug, and this will help prevent your rug from sliding or moving from its place.

Area rugs can be a good idea regardless of your house’s surface. Area rugs can work well on carpets, hardwood floors, or tiles.

Just give your area rug and carpet the care and attention they need to stay in great condition.


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