Are Whirlpool Fridges Worth It? (Solved & Explained)

Whirlpool is one of the biggest manufacturers of fridges in the US, with over 100 different models featuring different design styles and colors. Refrigerators by Whirlpool are priced competitively, often costing a few thousand dollars.

Whether or not they are considered “worth it” comes down to those prices and the features that the fridges have – not to mention their durability.

Here is How Much Whirlpool Fridges Cost:

Whirlpool two-door fridges cost between $350 to $900. Standard models range from $350 to $500, while the more expensive two-door models have additional features to optimize the temperature inside to save on energy. The French-door models cost between $1,100 to $16,000.

How Reliable are Whirlpool Fridges?

With high ratings from consumers across surveys, buyers can say that Whirlpool fridges are quite reliable.

They are known for their durability and good quality.

Many households use Whirlpool and are loyal to the brand, as their fridges last longer than many brands. Whirlpool fridges also do not require as many repairs.

What is the General Opinion About Whirlpool Fridges?

Whirlpool refrigerators come in different styles, from two-door fridges to French-door fridges.

The two-door fridge is standard with a freezer on top or bottom of the regular fridge door, while the French-door fridge opens outward.

These fridges stand out for two main reasons: the storage capacity and the capability to adjust the temperature. 

Let us look at the features that make Whirlpool one of the top refrigerator brands:

  • Great Storage Capacity: Whirlpool offers big storage space in their fridges. They also made the shelves customizable so every household could adjust the shelves according to their needs, which helps the users maximize the storage space.
  • Adjustable Temperature: While other fridges have only one temperature control that can leave some areas warm, Whirlpool fridges set a drawer to a certain temperature, so it is uniform in all fridge areas.
  • Adaptive Defrost: Some Whirlpool fridge models can defrost when necessary, which helps you conserve energy and save on the electric bill.
  • Additional Humidity: Some models have a cooling system that retains some humidity in the fridge – suitable for some fruits and vegetables that need humidity to last longer.
  • Good Air Flow: Whirlpool fridges have an air-flow and filtration system that prevents the removal of the gases that certain foods and produce give off. Filtration will prevent such gasses from affecting other foods inside the fridge.
  • Water and Ice Maker: Whirlpool fridges have an ice dispenser with an internal filter to ensure that the ice and water are fresh. These fridges are also compatible with external ice makers that you can purchase separately.
  • LED Lights: Many Whirlpool models have LED interior lights to provide sufficient lighting throughout the fridge.
  • Sleek Stainless Steel Design: Whirlpool fridges come in a stainless steel design that makes them easy to clean. Stainless steel is resistant to fingerprints and smudges.

Furthermore, apart from all the features mentioned above, all Whirlpool models are energy-efficient.

Are the Whirlpool Fridges Worth the Price?

Given the fact that Whirlpool fridges, on average, are moderately priced compared to other models, they are very much worth it because they have numerous features that are very practical for the household.

Some models may be too pricey, but Whirlpool fridges are known to be very durable and can last for years without needing many repairs, as long as they are maintained well.

Are Whirlpool Fridges as Good as Other Major Brands?

Based on several reviews and surveys, Whirlpool is among the top ten brands of refrigerators for 2021.

Whirlpool is a reputable company, and their appliance has been proven to have good quality, as they are tried and tested by consumers around the globe.

Whirlpool fridges also have a long life span – longer than the average life span of most refrigerators.

Have There Been Any Major Recalls on Whirlpool Fridges?

While Whirlpool has had many recalls for their appliances, they only have one major recall for their refrigerators so far, when WC Wood Company manufactured the refrigerators and sold them under different brands like Maytag, Danby, and Whirlpool.

The recall was for the defrost heater coil exposed inside the units, which posed a potential shock hazard to consumers. There was also a possibility that the exposed heater wire could also melt or burn the unit’s interior plastic food liner.

There were 45 reported incidents for this recall, with nine resulting in an electrical short. Fortunately, no injuries were reported, and the company repaired the units for free.

Eventually, WC Wood Company went out of business, and Whirlpool Corporation acquired its assets. For old fridges having the same issue described above, Whirlpool recalls them, even if manufacturers sold them under different brands.

How Long do Whirlpool Fridges Last?

On average, refrigerators can last from ten to twelve years. Whirlpool refrigerators last longer than that, with a life span of 14 to 17 years.

Their standard fridges can run up to 17 years on average, while a compact refrigerator can run for 14 years.

Brands like Kenwood and Maytag have the same life expectancy as Whirlpool fridges, while Samsung fridges can last for 15 years.

LG still bests out all refrigerator brands by having a life span of up to 20 years – twice the life span of most brands and a few years more compared to the top brands.

Can Whirlpool Fridges be Fixed Easily?

A well-functioning refrigerator is essential for every household, and it may feel like an emergency when your fridge suddenly stops working. Whirlpool fridges may or may not be easy to fix depending on the problem.

Here are some common issues that may occur with Whirlpool fridges that you can fix by yourself:

  • Issues with ice production: This normally happens when your ice maker is not getting enough water.
  • Refrigerator not cooling: This issue arises when the settings are not correct or an issue with the air vents or condenser coils.
  • Refrigerator motor running too much: This can happen when the installation is not done properly, or the controls are not sent correctly.
  • Water dispenser not working properly: This issue arises when there are problems with the water filter or water pressure.
  • Refrigerator running loudly: This can come from behind the refrigerator or inside.

There are fixes or repairs that you can do without needing the help of a technician. The Whirlpool website offers a lot of troubleshooting steps for minor issues that you can do on your own.

If any of the solutions they provided are not addressing the issue, then that is when you will know that you need a technician.

If the fridge is outside of the warranty, the cost for repair depends on the part that is broken. Minor repairs can cost anywhere from $100 to $500, including parts and services.

Major repairs can cost $500 to $1,200, and some of these fixes would require replacing a component entirely, which is just a little less than the cost of buying a brand new one. You would be better off buying a new fridge.

What is the Warranty on Whirlpool Fridges?

Whirlpool fridges, excluding the water filter, have a full one-year warranty from the date of purchase.

This warranty covers parts replacement and labor costs for any defects in components or workmanship. The water filter has a warranty of only 30 days.

After the one year is up, Whirlpool fridges have a warranty for up to the fifth year for certain components, which include:

  1. Compressor
  2. Evaporator
  3. Condenser
  4. Dryer
  5. Connecting Tubing

This warranty covers parts replacement and labor costs for any defects in components or workmanship. Whirlpool-designated companies or service centers can only perform the services under warranty.

The warranty only applies when the fridge is being used, operated, and maintained according to instructions included when you buy the product.

With Whirlpool fridges’ good quality, numerous features, durability, and long life span at a competitive price, we can conclude that they are very much worth it.


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