Are These Wine Glasses Crystal? (6 Brands Checked)

Crystal wine glasses are often preferred over ordinary wine glasses because they have special features and characteristics that enhance the wine tasting experience.

Crystal glasses are always the top choice in the hospitality industry and wine connoisseurs.

Is There a Way to Identify Crystal Wine Glasses?

You can tell if a wine glass is made of crystal or not.

A wine expert or connoisseur will find it easy to tell, but if you are new to wine tasting, it may be hard to tell at first, but you still can. You need to look closely at the glass and look for certain characteristics.

First, let us check whether these popular wine glasses are made of crystal or not:

Are RIEDEL Wine Glasses Made of Crystal?

Riedel is a reputable and long-standing family-owned glassware company with 265 years in business in the industry.

They are one of the most sought-after glass companies globally as they offer very high-quality wine glasses and other glassware.

Riedel wine glasses ARE made of crystal. Riedel offers various wine glasses in different shapes and designs, from machine-made wine glasses to hand-made ones, including stemless ones and ornate ones.

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Riedel wine glasses do not contain lead. To achieve the same brilliance as the lead crystal, Riedel opted to use borosilicate, a glass with a low melting point.

Borosilicate is also non-toxic and heat-resistant. It is very sturdy and does not crack easily, so they are safe for dishwashers.

As a company, Riedel is very transparent about what they use for their wine glasses and about how they are made. They ensure that each glass has only the best quality.

Are MIKASA Wine Glasses Made of Crystal?

Mikasa is another well-known company that manufactures wine glasses. It is a worldwide leading brand of dinnerware, crystal stemware, barware, flatware, and decorative accessories and has been in the business for more than half a century now.

This company is known to create beautiful, well-made products suitably priced to fit any budget and lifestyle.

Mikasa has both crystal wine glasses and ordinary wine glasses. Most of their wine glasses are made of ordinary glass. However, there are a few collections that are made of lead-free crystals.

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These collections are Gianna, Berlin, Aline, Amelia, and Vintage.

Their crystal wine glasses mostly come in a traditional design, except for a few with detailed, intricate lace-like designs, such as the Amelia. Mikasa also has stemless wine glasses that are made of crystal.

Although their wine glasses are crystal, they are sturdy enough to be dishwasher safe.

Are LUMINARC Wine Glasses Made of Crystal?

Founded in 1948, Luminarc is a French brand specializing in dinnerware and glassware. Luminarc offers various products such as plates, goblets, bowls, cocktail glasses, and wine glasses.

Luminarc products are known to be very economical and durable. Their products are very resilient that they are good for everyday use.

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When it comes to their glassware, Luminarc offers wine glasses that look classy and elegant – worthy of being on the dinner table for your next party.

However, Luminarc wine glasses are not made of crystal. Luminarc uses ordinary glass with high-quality wine glasses that are durable and dishwasher safe.

Are WATERFORD Wine Glasses Made of Crystal?

Waterford was founded in 1783 in Ireland is known as one of the oldest crystal glass manufacturers in the world. They are known for producing some of the top-quality wine glasses worldwide.

Waterford wine glasses are made of crystal. Their wine glasses come in different shapes, sizes, and designs – from the traditionally-shaped long-stemmed ones to those with intricate detailing to non-stemmed wine glasses.

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They also offer engraving for some of their wine glasses to make them personalized.

Waterford products are so well-crafted that their craftsmen are required to complete an eight-year-long apprenticeship to learn all the skills necessary for Waterford’s production process. Then they master these techniques through decades of perfection.

The craftsmanship and artistic skill make Waterford one of the best luxury lead-free crystal glassware makers.

Are SCHOTT ZWEISEL Wine Glasses Made of Crystal?

Founded in Germany, Schott Zwiesel is a reputable company that manufactures glassware and has been in the business for over 145 years. This company offers different kinds of drinkware for any drink or occasion.

Schott Zwiesel wine glasses stand out because of their audible characteristics. There is nothing quite like the sound of toasting with their wine glasses, and it has become their most distinguishing feature.

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Schott Zwiesel wine glasses are made of crystal. They use Tritan crystal, a lead-free crystal made of titanium and zirconium oxide.

Their wine glasses are very resistant to chipping or scratching. They are also very clear and resilient that can be cleaned in a dishwasher, with no risks of clouding or breaking.

Are ZALTO Wine Glasses Made of Crystal?

Zalto was founded in 2006. While it is considered a newcomer in the glassware industry, its roots can be traced to the 18th century when the Zalto family, originally from Venice, moved to Austria and started crafting glass.

The Zalto family has been crafting glassware for six generations which makes their wine glasses at par or even better than those who have been in business longer.

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Zalto wine glasses are made of crystal. Their wine glasses are finely crafted from lead-free crystal and are hand-blown.

Zalto wine glasses are so good that they are considered a gold standard for wine connoisseurs. Each glass feels incredibly light and looks elegant, shaped like an art piece.

What Are the Best Crystal Wine Glasses?

The glassware market is a vast one – with a lot of manufacturers and companies offering different wine glasses, some of the top quality while some are just good.

Here are the top wine glasses based on a survey conducted on several wine stewards and connoisseurs:

  • Best crystal wine glass: Zalto Hand-Blown Universal Wine Glass – $59/glass
  • The best crystal wine glass that is more affordable: Glasvin The Universal – $35/glass
  • The best crystal wine glass that is EVEN MORE affordable: Schott Zwiesel Tritan Cabernet Glass – $15/glass
  • Best crystal wine glass for white wines: Sophienwald White Wine Glass – $36/glass
  • Best crystal wine glass for red wines: Zalto Glassware Crystal Denk’Art Burgundy Wine Glass – $63/glass
  • Best crystal wine glass for sparkling wines: Riedel Winewings Champagne Wine Glass – $31/glass
  • Best double bend crystal wine glass: Mark Thomas Double-Bend Allround Wine Glass – $70/glass

How Do you Identify Crystal Wine Glasses?

Crystal wine glasses and ordinary wine glasses can look similar, especially if you are a wine newbie. For wine experts and connoisseurs, it is easy to identify crystal glasses.

Here is how to identify crystal wine glasses:

  • Crystal wine glasses create a rainbow prism effect if you hold them up to a light source which is probably the easiest and fastest way to tell if the wine glass is made of crystal or not.
  • Crystal wine glasses make a reverberating ringing sound when you tap them, while ordinary wine glasses tend to make a clunking noise.
  • If the wine glass sparkles or has brilliance, it is made of crystal.
  • Crystal wine glasses are very clear with a reflective quality, while ordinary wine glasses tend to be a bit cloudy.
  • If you shine a pocket UV light on the wine glass and you see a bluish-purple tint, it means that the wine glass is crystal. Ordinary wine glasses would have a dull green tint.
  • Crystal wine glasses usually have thinner rims than ordinary wine glasses. Crystal wine glasses are generally more durable and can be made thinner while maintaining their strength. Ordinary wine glasses needed to be thicker so they could be more durable.

There are a lot more brands of crystal wine glasses in the market. However, the ones mentioned here made of crystal are considered the top brands recognized worldwide.


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