Are Crystal Wine Glasses Expensive? (7 Examples)

There are two materials commonly used for wine glasses: glass and crystal. Unlike glass, crystal has more mineral content, making them glossier and more transparent than glass.

Crystal wine glasses are also sparkly, making them more desirable for wine connoisseurs as the colors of wine look better in a crystal glass.

Crystal wine glasses come in thinner and more elegant shapes and are the gold standard in the hospitality industry, especially high-end establishments. Between the two, crystal wine glasses are more expensive.

Here are some examples of crystal wine glasses and how much they cost:

1. Luna and Mantha Premium Crystal Wine Glasses ($10.65/glass)

These pure crystal Luna and Mantha wine glasses have passed the European certification.

It uses premium titanium crystal that makes the glasses super thin, brilliant, and light.

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It has a sparkly appearance and a long slender stem that makes it easier to hold while adding a feel of elegance.

These crystal wine glasses come in an aesthetically pleasing tulip shape, allowing the wine to breathe without over-oxygenating, which promises a better wine tasting experience.

2. JBHO Italian Style Crystal Bordeaux Wine Glasses ($9.00/glass)

These wine glasses were hand-blown using 23 procedures by experienced crafters and made from lead-free premium crystal, guaranteed to add some elegance to your bar top or dining table.

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These glasses are super clear and come with an ultra-thin rim with cold cutting to enhance any wine’s perceived quality and flavor.

3. Gabriel-Glas Austrian Crystal Wine Glasses ($32.50/glass)

These crystal wine glasses made in Austria by European craftsmen are perfectly shaped and suitable for all types of wine: white, red, sparkling, and dessert.

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Gabriel-Glas wine glasses are strong by design and are made seamlessly to be more durable than many other brands of wine glasses on the market.

These glasses promise an extremely enjoyable wine-drinking experience.

4. Riedel Ouverture Wine Glasses ($10.00/glass)

The Riedel Ouverture is a collection of crystal wine glasses suitable for all types of wines.

These glasses are made of fine crystal and produced by machine. They may look delicate, but they are strong enough for daily use.

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These wine glasses are also dishwasher safe but are recommended for hand wash.

5. Elixir Crystal Wine Glass ($10.99/glass)

These lead-free crystal wine glasses by Elixir are made to look sophisticated, stunning, and luxurious.

Every wine glass is masterfully shaped and hand-blown by artisans using traditional methods.

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These glasses have a wide rim that is carefully cut and polished so that it directs the wine to the center of the tongue with a harmony of fruit, acidity, and tannin flavors.

6. Aspen and Birch Classic Wine Glasses ($9.99/glass)

Made of pure lead-free crystal, these Aspen and Birch wine glasses are stylish, classy, and strikingly clear.

They feature a large cylindrical bowl and long slender stem that can elegantly show any wine.

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These glasses have a thin, smooth rim designed to enhance each sip to make your wine tasting experience very enjoyable.

These glasses are meticulously made by hand and mouth-blown by artisans with over 10 years of experience.

7. Eisch Sky Bordeaux Sensis Plus Crystal Wine Glass ($34.95/glass)

These lead-free crystal wine glasses by Eisch Sky are made in Germany.

They come in a contemporary, light, and elegant design and feature superior clarity and light refraction.

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Even though these wine glasses are wine and thin, they are extremely durable and dishwasher safe.

Why Are Crystal Wine Glasses More Expensive?

In general, crystal wine glasses are more expensive than regular glasses because they are better for drinking wine.

Wine glasses made of crystal are more aesthetically pleasing. With their elegant shapes, slender stems, and seamless designs, crystal wine glasses are practically pieces of art on your bar top or dining table.

Crystal is stronger, making for thinner, more delicate, and elegant wine glasses. For wine connoisseurs, there is nothing quite like the feeling of the thin rim touching your lips while you are sipping your favorite wine.

Crystal wine glasses are clearer and glossier compared to regular wine glasses. They also have more brilliance, which means that the colors of the wine stand out more and are better appreciated in crystal wine glasses.

Also, wine glasses made of crystal are more durable. Although crystal wine glasses are thinner, their material is stronger.

Now, this does not mean that they are shatterproof. Crystal lasts longer and does not lose brilliance. Crystal glasses hardly ever get scratched.

Lastly, crystal wine glasses nowadays are becoming dishwasher safe. Back in the day, the only con of having crystal wine glasses is that they are not dishwasher safe, and let’s admit it. Most people prefer the convenience of cleaning stuff in the dishwasher. However, more and more glass companies nowadays are manufacturing crystal glasses to be dishwasher safe.

Can You Tell if Wine Glasses Are Crystal or Not?

Many wine glasses look similar, so it can be hard to tell at first whether a wine glass is made of crystal or not. However, there are ways for you to tell the difference.

Here is how you can tell if a wine glass is a crystal or not:

  • Hold the wine glass up to the light source, probably the quickest way to check. If it creates a rainbow prism effect, it is made of crystal.
  • Lightly tap the wine glass. Regular glass makes a clunking noise while crystal makes a ringing sound that reverberates.
  • Check if the wine glass sparkles—most crystal wine glasses with at least 35% lead sparkle.
  • Look at the wine glass closely. If it is super clear with a reflective quality, it is crystal. Regular wine glasses tend to be cloudy.
  • Inspect the cut of the wine glass. Crystal wine glasses are smoother.
  • Shine a UV light on the wine glass. Seeing a bluish-purple tint means that the wine glass is crystal. However, if you see a dull-green tint, it means that it is ordinary glass.
  • Check the rim of the wine glass. Crystal wine glasses normally have thinner rims than regular wine glasses because regular wine glasses are made thicker to be more durable. Crystal wine glasses can be thinner while still maintaining their strength.

Furthermore, if you hold a crystal wine glass and a regular wine glass of roughly the same size on each hand, you can tell which is which.

The crystal wine glass will feel heavier in weight.

What is so Special About Crystal Wine Glasses?

Crystal wine glasses are always the top choice for wine connoisseurs. What makes them so special is that they enhance the wine tasting experience.

Wine glasses made out of crystal are clearer and more brilliant, so your wine tasting experience is more enjoyable, with the crystal wine glass enhancing the colors of the wine.

More than just for aesthetics, the long thin stems of crystal wine glasses serve a purpose. These stems make it possible for you to properly hold the wine glass without your body heat affecting the temperature of the wine.

The crystal material also allows glass makers to form better wine glass shapes, which are not just pleasing to the eyes but can also affect your wine tasting experience. Crystal wine glasses with narrow rims and big bowls allow the wine to breathe properly.

Also, the thin rim of crystal wine glasses makes for a smooth and unobstructed flow of wine from the glass to the lips. This makes sipping wine from crystal glasses more enjoyable.

While crystal wine glasses are more expensive than regular glasses, they are worth it. They are the perfect mix of style, elegance, and function.

With the numerous options for crystal wine glasses, you can find one that suits your budget.


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