Anne Smith is an experienced writer about interior design, woodwork, and gardening. She’s in charge of all content around gardening, buildings, and interior design.


I live in a small city apartment with a sweet little private yard in the back where I experiment with all sorts of projects.

I have a background in interior design and architecture and my professional career today is in digital publishing where I also met Peter Daniels (my colleague here). I help him manage an online publication with +1 million visitors per month. 

I have written articles and editorial content for the web since 2007 and I really enjoy cracking complicated stuff into laymen’s terms.

My Accomplishments

  • I have led a team of craftsmen during the renovation of a hotel where we upgraded the interior design.
  • I have studied design in Copenhagen and also give lectures on interior design and space optimization following the KonMari principles.
  • I have been featured on several times with my interior design projects.
  • I have written more than 140 articles that has been published online across the web.

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