5 Alternatives To Champagne Glasses (You Might Have)

Most people know that Champagne is served in Champagne glasses or flutes, but did you know that using a Champagne flute is unnecessary for serving and drinking Champagne?

There are some alternatives to Champagne glasses that you may already have at home:

1. Wine Glasses

Most people have regular wine glasses at home, and they are completely fine to use when serving Champagne because Champagne is a type of wine. Therefore, you can treat it as such.

There are some benefits to using wine glasses for Champagne. One of them is that wine glasses have bigger bowls which allow more air.

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Thus drinking Champagne from wine glasses will improve your drinking experience as the air will fully open up the flavors and aromas of Champagne.

This is something that flutes cannot do.

Another benefit is that wine glasses look elegant. So if you are going for a classy and elegant vibe for your celebration at home, then you can do no wrong with wine glasses.

2. Water Goblets

Water goblets are stemware that looks a bit similar to wine glasses – that is, if you do not know your wine glasses.

Water goblets are characterized by their thicker and shorter stems and deeper bowls. They are primarily used in serving water for more formal settings, but they can be quite common in the household.

Since you can drink wine from water goblets and Champagne is meant to be treated like wine, water goblets can be a good alternative to Champagne glasses.

Just like wine glasses, the aromas and flavors open up more in water goblets because they have a bigger bowl.

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The only disadvantage of using water goblets is that since the stems are shorter, the warmth from your hand can project to the glass, which can warm up your drink faster. The solution to this is to avoid holding your glass when you are not drinking.

They are safer to use at parties because they are more stable and less prone to tipping. Plus, they are sturdy and practical.

They are normally heat-resistant, so you can put them in the dishwasher, saving you from the hassle of manually washing glasses after hosting a party.

3. Highballs

Highballs are glasses that are a bit tall and narrow.

They normally serve with cocktails and mixed drinks, but they can be quite common at home as people buy them as regular drinking glasses. They can be a good alternative to Champagne glasses.

The narrow body of highballs will prevent the bubbles from your Champagne from evaporating fast. They are roomy enough to let some air in, and they will not affect the flavor of the Champagne.

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However, since they do not have stems, it means that they can warm up your Champagne fast.

So what we can advise is to avoid holding your glass when you are not drinking from it. Please keep it on the table, and only hold it when taking a sip.

4. Tumblers

While most wine enthusiasts would cringe at the thought of drinking Champagne from a tumbler, they are a good alternative if you do not have any Champagne glasses.

These are good alternatives for casual outdoor gatherings, camping, and picnics.

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The shape of the tumblers can help open up the bouquets of the Champagne. The absence of stems makes them more stable and a lot safer to drink from.

There is very little risk of tipping them over.

5. Stainless Steel Cups

You would be surprised that stainless steel cups made it on this list, but they are pros to using them. Yes, they may not be as stylish and as elegant as Champagne glasses, but they make up for it when it comes to functionality.

Stainless steel cups are great for serving Champagne in more casual events. They are great for camping, picnics, or outdoor events that require some “roughing it.”

Compared to glasses, stainless steel cups have better temperature retention. This means that you can keep your Champagne cool for a longer time than drinking from a glass.

They can also keep Champagne cool for up to three hours.’

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They are also more durable compared to glass. Even if you drop them, they will not break and crack. It is more practical, especially when you are hosting parties.

While some of these alternatives can make wine connoisseurs cringe, these are good alternatives for when you want to avoid buying a set of Champagne glasses, especially if you do not host parties often.

After all, you are the host, and while you want to have a great party, you also want to be practical and make things more convenient for you.


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